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Artsy leverages collaboration

Artsy leverages collaboration

Stave off stale vibes with Artsy Academy’s energizing and connective team building events, especially our collaborative mural workshops.

Artsy’s collaborative mural events are a fun way to shake it up in the office, encourage collaboration and provide an engaging focal point for your organization.

Our instructors channel the collective efforts of up to hundreds of participants into creating a unified image, which would reflect the values and culture of your institution and instill a sense of pride every time your employees recognize how their contribution translates to an actual big picture.

The team building exercise is a simple enough format to suit any number of situations, from dozens of Bank of America officials coming together for their Dress for Success fundraiser, to scores of O+ Festival-goers creating a unified large-format work of art.

During Labor Day Weekend, 2015, Artsy participated in Chicago’s debut O+ Festival, which united the medicine of art with the art of medicine. To honor the festival’s unifying spirit, Artsy donated the 8 x 8 foot mural created by about 50 festival participants to Stone House Farm, an eco-retreat and sanctuary, which provides a foil to the bustle of Chicago’s metropolis.

Similarly, Bank of America’s Dress for Success mural dissembled into six individual panels, which various branches can display in their respective offices. The panels are veritable puzzle pieces, serving as a visual reminder each branch is a small part contributing to their metaphorical big picture.

Dress for Sucess Team Building Mural

Since contributing to Bank of America’s charitable goals was so important to Artsy, we traveled outside of our official coverage area to Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina in order to facilitate their humanitarian vision.

Artsy Academy is committed to our traveling art studio mantra. We are devoted to flexibly translating our clients’ visions into successful events. Outside-the-Box events are our specialty, so if you have something specific in mind, Artsy would be honored to make it happen.

Discover Financial Services Diners Club International Department broke the ice with a corporate team-building Artsy Paint Mixer in Chicago in the summer of 2015, which featured their department's most recent promotional image.

In addition to our Team Building Mural events, any of our private event formats translate well to a corporate environment.

Inquire about coordinating your corporate event through our website, email, or by phone at (216) 577-4327.

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