Artsy’s Eco Friendly Focus

Eco Artwork

Artsy workshops aim to celebrate and benefit the world we live in.

Artsy Academy Eco friendly organizers are dedicated to making the world a better place, one brush stroke at a time.

In the interest of reducing the vast amount of paper waste generated by the paint and sip industry we’ve replaced paper towels, solo cups and Styrofoam plates, with reusable and higher quality supplies, which our instructors take the time to maintain for use in class after class.

Additionally, and whenever possible, Artsy uses locally sourced materials, including moss harvested from the Blue Ridge Mountains and Selenite crystals harvested outside Cleveland, both of which are used in our Terrarium Workshops. Furthermore, some of Artsy’s raw materials are made from scratch in artisan workshops, which reduces our carbon footprint.

We also donate a portion of our proceeds from our classes to the Tribal Renewable Energy Program, through Colorado Charity, Trees, Water & People, sustainably helping people in the United States and throughout Central America.

We’re proud to minimize our carbon emissions and support the global community, as well as the communities in which we operate. We believe going the extra mile will further elevate our students’ experiences in our classes

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