Custom Private Event Options: Paint and Sip Compostions

Artsy custom design options amplify private events, fundraisers and corporate team building events.

Bank of America team members created a mural designed by Artsy Private Event Coordinators to celebrate their charitable efforts during a corporate team building event last year.

If you’re considering hosting a paint and sip event for your upcoming party, corporate event or fundraiser, but you have something very specific in mind, Artsy is happy to bend over backward to deliver the private event options you’ve been craving.

Artsy Event Coordinators tailor the details of every private event we coordinate to meet their hosts’ specific expectations, and of those variables, our custom design services are the most visible. For a one-time fee of $40, Artsy’s professional artists will create a custom composition at your direction.

Is the bride a diehard Blackhawks fan? We’re happy to put together a striking design to be featured during her bachelorette party. Interested in incorporating your company logo into your corporate team-building event? Our artists can create an accessible composition your staff can recreate during your private workshop.

Some of our most successful private events were amplified by hosts’ interest in the custom designs.

Discover’s Diners Club team members recreated an image featured in an ad campaign, which participating Artsy party-goers all worked on. The artist facilitating the team-building event worked closely with the host to perfectly match the color and tone of the Discover ad, included a revision to the painting featured during their event.

For another private event, a baby shower, Artsy event hosts sought to include contributions from their friends and family in decorating their child’s nursery. They requested Artsy Event Coordinators create a galaxy-themed composition in order for their loved ones to give their child the universe.

The custom design service is an inexpensive option, which will further elevate your Artsy Private Event for your guests of honor. As always, Artsy staff strive to make party planning as simple and painless as possible.

Contact Artsy party planners at your convenience with any questions or comments about our private event packages or to get the ball rolling on booking your special event today.

Artsy Private Events

Discover's Diner's Club Card officials enjoyed a private painting class in a local gallery, which included a lunch buffet and private tour by the gallery owner.

Discover’s Diner’s Club Card officials enjoyed a private painting class in a local gallery, which included a lunch buffet and private tour by the gallery owner.

With over five years in the Paint and Sip industry, our founders are practiced at seamlessly coordinating perfect private events for everyone from department heads at Fortune 500 companies to overwhelmed maids of honor.

Our traveling art studio enjoys the flexibility of accommodating a vast range of event planners’ expectations, whether we are orchestrating a 100-person event spanning multiple rooms or coordinating a small party at the last minute.

Our private event coordinators take the stress out of party planning by working with you to get a feel for your expectations and executing your vision.

While Artsy staff are happy to set up events in your private home, office or church space, we understand you might want a change of scenery. In addition to established relationships with a number of public venues, which boast robust menus and private rooms, we are happy to contact your favorite restaurants and galleries to provide an additional short list of fresh options for you to select among.

If you are interested in hosting a painting workshop for your event, you can further tailor the tone of the party by selecting a

Bachelorettes rendered paintings based from a live, nude model in a party they hosted in an airbnb booked through Artsy.

Bachelorettes rendered paintings based from a live, nude model in a party they hosted in an airbnb booked through Artsy.

specific composition to recreate. Artsy’s gallery of available images is diverse, but if you’re looking for something very specific, our professional artists will create an accessible composition for your group for a flat rate of $40.

Typically, Artsy private event admission is $35 per person, however, we offer discounted rates based upon a sliding scale for large groups.

Contact our private event coordinators for more information about discounts available to large groups and non-profit organizations, or to get the ball rolling on booking your event.


Artsy private events are extremely versatile; they’re a great fit for:

  • Church organizations
  • College and university departments
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Baby showers
  • Corporate department head workshop reprieve
  • Networking events
  • Meetup events
  • Birthday parties
  • Going away parties
  • Housewarming parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Conventions

Event formats include:

Your event needs to be perfect, so Artsy coordinators will tailor your event to meet your specific expectations. Variables include:

  • Location: Our events take place at bars and restaurants with private rooms, airbnbs, private homes, church halls and art galleries
  • Image: choose from our gallery of original compositions or commission your own
  • Duration: Ask us about receiving a discount for a curtailed class
  • Class size: from a minimum of 10 participants to up to hundreds

Team Building Events

Artsy leverages collaboration

Artsy leverages collaboration

Stave off stale vibes with Artsy Academy’s energizing and connective team building events, especially our collaborative mural workshops.

Artsy’s collaborative mural events are a fun way to shake it up in the office, encourage collaboration and provide an engaging focal point for your organization.

Our instructors channel the collective efforts of up to hundreds of participants into creating a unified image, which would reflect the values and culture of your institution and instill a sense of pride every time your employees recognize how their contribution translates to an actual big picture.

The team building exercise is a simple enough format to suit any number of situations, from dozens of Bank of America officials coming together for their Dress for Success fundraiser, to scores of O+ Festival-goers creating a unified large-format work of art.

During Labor Day Weekend, 2015, Artsy participated in Chicago’s debut O+ Festival, which united the medicine of art with the art of medicine. To honor the festival’s unifying spirit, Artsy donated the 8 x 8 foot mural created by about 50 festival participants to Stone House Farm, an eco-retreat and sanctuary, which provides a foil to the bustle of Chicago’s metropolis.

Similarly, Bank of America’s Dress for Success mural dissembled into six individual panels, which various branches can display in their respective offices. The panels are veritable puzzle pieces, serving as a visual reminder each branch is a small part contributing to their metaphorical big picture.

Dress for Sucess Team Building Mural

Since contributing to Bank of America’s charitable goals was so important to Artsy, we traveled outside of our official coverage area to Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina in order to facilitate their humanitarian vision.

Artsy Academy is committed to our traveling art studio mantra. We are devoted to flexibly translating our clients’ visions into successful events. Outside-the-Box events are our specialty, so if you have something specific in mind, Artsy would be honored to make it happen.

Discover Financial Services Diners Club International Department broke the ice with a corporate team-building Artsy Paint Mixer in Chicago in the summer of 2015, which featured their department's most recent promotional image.

In addition to our Team Building Mural events, any of our private event formats translate well to a corporate environment.

Inquire about coordinating your corporate event through our website, email, or by phone at (216) 577-4327.

Glow Paint Workshops

Glow Paint Workshops under black light

Artsy’s Meditative Glow Paint Workshops are eccentric paint and sip classes with an elevated focus. Loosely based upon mandalas’ artistic and spiritual elements, our black light paint classes feature quality materials, especially florescent, acrylic paint, which glow vibrantly under black lights.

Disorienting lighting and stimulating colors engage participants’ focus. Some folks relax and chat while other artists tune out completely, since mandalas are sometimes employed to enter a trance-like state.

“If you choose to [paint] a mandala it will tap into your creativity without any need for artistic expertise,” the University of New Hampshire of Health Education and Promotion website states. “The process of [painting] can sooth and nourish you.”

Flow States of Mind Glow Paint highlights.

Flow States of Mind Glow Paint highlights.

Some participants at Artsy’s glow paint mandala workshop at the Flow States of Mind music and arts festival in September said the workshop was a highlight of their weekend, while Artsy patrons are selling out our regularly scheduled glow paint classes in Cleveland.

Artists interested in setting up a private paint party with a serious twist should consider booking a glow paint workshop, where we’ll transform your space with a phosphorescent glow and a fun, creative atmosphere for an event your guests won’t soon forget.

Looking to grow your glow? There’s plenty of opportunities throughout Artsy communities to get your glow on:

  • Asheville Hot Yoga’s, “Glowga” workshops are scheduled semi regularly and are available to generate interest for your upcoming fundraiser
  • Cleveland’s Radiate 2016, Cumulous Entertainment’s 5th Annual Glow Fest features music and illumination, to take place from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. on February 19
  • Participants in glow runs don glow stick jewelry for 5k races which sometimes feature DJs for a club vibe in the name of fitness; the Night Nation Run is raising money for Stand Up to Cancer in Pittsburgh July 30, 2016; a date for the The Color Run taking place in Asheville has yet to be determined, however would be participants are able to pre-register now for an event featuring lights, foam and bubbles, Glow in the Park is taking place on January 30th, 2016 in Orlando featuring 80s music and free t-shirts; Runners in Cleveland will cross the finish line through a sea of incandescent foam on July 16, 2016 at the Foam Glow 5k and runners in Chicago will enjoy free Lagunitas beer at the Glo Run in April 2016, and upon crossing the finish line will be greeted by a DJ afterparty.
  • Admission to Chicago’s Blacklight Slide, featuring a 500 foot slip and slide includes unlimited slides down a UV lined corridor, a towel, glow tattoo, donation to a local charity and admission to the afterparty. Tickets for the August 27 event in Toyota Park are $20 per person are going fast.