Artsy Event Coordinator: Ashley Spero

Meet Ashley Spero, Asheville artist.

Meet Ashley Spero, Asheville artist.

Allow visionary artist and Artsy event coordinator Ashley Spero to separate you from your stress during select Artsy Paint Mixers taking place at Tupelo Honey and Catawba Brewing Co. in Asheville.

The overtly colorful painter and sculptor connects her students to their “visual voice” with the help of Artsy’s environmentally-friendly art supplies and hometown brews.

“I definitely encourage people to . . . let go of their to do lists and let their imagination take over,” Spero said.

With a background that spans showcasing at well-to-do galleries in San Francisco to creating public art in India and Guatemala, Spero’s creative style is playfully precise.

“I’ve always been kind of artsy,” she said.

Spero excels at striking a balance between successfully translating how to recreate an image and encouraging expressive creativity, especially with beginner painters.

“[I encourage students to] think more creatively and outside the box, not trying to do the painting exactly how it is in the example,” Spero said of her teaching style. Instead, she suggests participants, “Let it flow with how they’re feeling that day.”

The armchair psychologist and budding art therapist is interested in the medicine of art as well as the art of medicine. She said she enjoys observing her students’ personalities evolve throughout her classes as they start to relax in a new way.

“I like . . . seeing peoples’ demeanor change and how their confidence builds,” Spero said. “Some people have no idea how to paint, and then they do. It gives them a high and it’s really cool to see.”

View photos from Ashley’s Artsy events and Spero’s fine artwork in the gallery below. For more information about Ashley’s artistic community projects, sculptural work and resume, visit her website or check out her artist page on Facebook.

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