Custom Private Event Options: Paint and Sip Compostions

Artsy custom design options amplify private events, fundraisers and corporate team building events.

Bank of America team members created a mural designed by Artsy Private Event Coordinators to celebrate their charitable efforts during a corporate team building event last year.

If you’re considering hosting a paint and sip event for your upcoming party, corporate event or fundraiser, but you have something very specific in mind, Artsy is happy to bend over backward to deliver the private event options you’ve been craving.

Artsy Event Coordinators tailor the details of every private event we coordinate to meet their hosts’ specific expectations, and of those variables, our custom design services are the most visible. For a one-time fee of $40, Artsy’s professional artists will create a custom composition at your direction.

Is the bride a diehard Blackhawks fan? We’re happy to put together a striking design to be featured during her bachelorette party. Interested in incorporating your company logo into your corporate team-building event? Our artists can create an accessible composition your staff can recreate during your private workshop.

Some of our most successful private events were amplified by hosts’ interest in the custom designs.

Discover’s Diners Club team members recreated an image featured in an ad campaign, which participating Artsy party-goers all worked on. The artist facilitating the team-building event worked closely with the host to perfectly match the color and tone of the Discover ad, included a revision to the painting featured during their event.

For another private event, a baby shower, Artsy event hosts sought to include contributions from their friends and family in decorating their child’s nursery. They requested Artsy Event Coordinators create a galaxy-themed composition in order for their loved ones to give their child the universe.

The custom design service is an inexpensive option, which will further elevate your Artsy Private Event for your guests of honor. As always, Artsy staff strive to make party planning as simple and painless as possible.

Contact Artsy party planners at your convenience with any questions or comments about our private event packages or to get the ball rolling on booking your special event today.

Artsy Event Coordinator: Ashley Spero

Meet Ashley Spero, Asheville artist.

Meet Ashley Spero, Asheville artist.

Allow visionary artist and Artsy event coordinator Ashley Spero to separate you from your stress during select Artsy Paint Mixers taking place at Tupelo Honey and Catawba Brewing Co. in Asheville.

The overtly colorful painter and sculptor connects her students to their “visual voice” with the help of Artsy’s environmentally-friendly art supplies and hometown brews.

“I definitely encourage people to . . . let go of their to do lists and let their imagination take over,” Spero said.

With a background that spans showcasing at well-to-do galleries in San Francisco to creating public art in India and Guatemala, Spero’s creative style is playfully precise.

“I’ve always been kind of artsy,” she said.

Spero excels at striking a balance between successfully translating how to recreate an image and encouraging expressive creativity, especially with beginner painters.

“[I encourage students to] think more creatively and outside the box, not trying to do the painting exactly how it is in the example,” Spero said of her teaching style. Instead, she suggests participants, “Let it flow with how they’re feeling that day.”

The armchair psychologist and budding art therapist is interested in the medicine of art as well as the art of medicine. She said she enjoys observing her students’ personalities evolve throughout her classes as they start to relax in a new way.

“I like . . . seeing peoples’ demeanor change and how their confidence builds,” Spero said. “Some people have no idea how to paint, and then they do. It gives them a high and it’s really cool to see.”

View photos from Ashley’s Artsy events and Spero’s fine artwork in the gallery below. For more information about Ashley’s artistic community projects, sculptural work and resume, visit her website or check out her artist page on Facebook.

Sign up online for any Artsy Asheville workshops or our artistic fundraising efforts to clean up the Catawba River.






Aveda Earth Month Fundraiser


Artsy’s participation in the 2016 Aveda Earth Month fundraiser is a collective effort toward creatively building community.

The traveling art studio is looking forward to teaming up with Asheville’s Evolutions Salon for a charitable Terrarium Building Workshop from 6 to 8 p.m. April 14 at Aloft’s Ledge venue, a terraced event space overlooking Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville.

Half of all proceeds will benefit the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation. A portion of the remaining proceeds will go to Trees Water & People, which benefits people and the planet.

“It came together so seamlessly,” Evolutions Owner Jamie Edmonds said “It goes along with our passion to help our own (neighborhoods) and our community as a whole.”

For the last 18 years Asheville’s second-oldest Aveda salon has affected positive change locally as well as globally, while leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible.

Terrarium Workshop

Evolutions Charitable Terrarium Building Workshop takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. April 14 at Aloft, located at 51 Biltmore Avenue in Asheville.


Edmonds believes working together toward a common goal is the key to building businesses and their communities.

In order to honor the salon’s previous owner, Donna Griffin, Evolutions raised funds to benefit the Susan G. Koman Foundation. And their Arts for Life benefit brought art supplies to Mission Kids.

“I’ve always appreciated the value of being community driven,” Edmonds said, “especially in small business.”

The upcoming Earth Month fundraiser will contribute to cleaning up the endangered Catawba River with an Artsy Terrarium Workshop featuring artisan supplies handmade with locally purchased raw materials.

In addition to benefiting so many good causes, the $40 entry fee includes instruction by glassblower and Artsy Co-Founder Tracie Sell as well as access to Aloft’s five-star bar menu and an spring evening well-spent on a downtown Asheville patio.

Register for the fundraiser online. For more information about booking Artsy for your own fundraiser fill out an online inquiry form, or contact the Artsy founders directly at (216) 577-4327 or (440) 221-7122. 


Featured Artsy Events

We recently had the pleasure to gush about Artsy events with Kelley Engelbrecht, founder and editor-in-chief of Wonderfilled Magazine in their follow-up to the Explore Asheville edition of their quest for adventure through art and design.

Check out Englebrecht’s article and the magazine’s colorful insight into an ideal day in the East Coast’s quintessential mountain town.


Read the full interview here:

Why did you start Artsy Academy? (Wonderfilled) 
We’re looking to build and support a creative community with fun, creative events in cities which inspire us. (Artsy) 

How important is the role craft & design play in our every day lives?
It’s pretty crucial, since life imitates art! As an artist, creativity fills a fundamental need for playful interpretation of the world around me, which elevates and quiets my spirit. Though I believe creativity is very important to integrate into our daily lives, I understand that it’s sometimes difficult to take the plunge to get started, a reality that’s especially relevant to beginner artists who have the urge to create, but don’t know where to start.

Artsy works to make art more accessible to beginners by providing all of the necessary materials, set up, break down as well as group and individual instruction needed to create a work of art from start to finish. Participants will have an opportunity to test drive quality supplies they might be considering purchasing, as well as access to artisan materials they can’t find anywhere else. The glow in the dark glass accents featured in our Terrarium Workshops, for example, are made by hand by Tracie in her Asheville studio.

Participants who signed up worrying about not being able to draw a straight line will leave with a finished work of art, and ideally, a positive enough experience to get them started creating independently.

Why is it important for folks to craft things with their hands?
People are turning to Pinterest and adult coloring books to quiet their minds and to regain connection with a world outside a screen. With crafting, it’s often more about the journey than the destination since it’s easy to relax as you’re tangibly progressing at creating something beautiful. Creating anything, but especially with high quality materials is infinitely more satisfying than buying something from the store.

Why terrariums?
Besides the fact that our finished, living works of art looks fantastic, building an Artsy terrarium fosters a healthy home. Keeping living plant materials inside serves as a natural air filter, removing volatile compounds, not just carbon dioxide from the air. Because the terrariums are self sustaining, the garden under glass is likely to live longer, for less effort.

On an existential level, the locally-harvested crystal accents will purify your room’s energy, especially when kept next to a window. Similarly, constructing the terrarium together is meditative because you’ll lose yourself in putting a little self contained universe together.

Collaborative Corporate Events

Why murals?
Painting in and of itself is fun, however creating collaboratively with Artsy events builds community. And because many hands builds light work, an organized group is able to create a large scale work of art for their office or community center in a relatively short amount of time. Artsy’s team building mural projects can incorporate the input of up to hundreds of people, so the mural can serve as a focus and a point of pride for your organization.

You’re in 5 different cities – how does each place influence your company? 
Our venues and featured projects reflect the character of each of our cities. The Country Club Chicago, for example, is located within a few blocks from the iconic Wrigley Stadium, where one of our painting workshops feature a Blackhawks-inspired composition. The setting and subject material are fitting for a sports town with a ridiculously good taste for art, food and drinks.

Furthermore elements from each of our cities are woven throughout the fabric of our company. For example, Mountain Glass Arts in Asheville provides the raw materials for our terrarium workshops, which co-founder Tracie Sell manipulates to create the containers and glow in the dark glass accents participants use to shape their living art.

Check out more of Artsy’s press coverage on our About page. 

Artsy’s Eco Friendly Focus

Eco Artwork

Artsy workshops aim to celebrate and benefit the world we live in.

Artsy Academy Eco friendly organizers are dedicated to making the world a better place, one brush stroke at a time.

In the interest of reducing the vast amount of paper waste generated by the paint and sip industry we’ve replaced paper towels, solo cups and Styrofoam plates, with reusable and higher quality supplies, which our instructors take the time to maintain for use in class after class.

Additionally, and whenever possible, Artsy uses locally sourced materials, including moss harvested from the Blue Ridge Mountains and Selenite crystals harvested outside Cleveland, both of which are used in our Terrarium Workshops. Furthermore, some of Artsy’s raw materials are made from scratch in artisan workshops, which reduces our carbon footprint.

We also donate a portion of our proceeds from our classes to the Tribal Renewable Energy Program, through Colorado Charity, Trees, Water & People, sustainably helping people in the United States and throughout Central America.

We’re proud to minimize our carbon emissions and support the global community, as well as the communities in which we operate. We believe going the extra mile will further elevate our students’ experiences in our classes